Best Small Wood Stoves Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Small Wood Stoves Reviews 2021

The small wood stoves are appliances that are made of high-quality material and are easy to use. In this buying guide, we will discuss all the features of tiny small wood stoves that can be used in homes, garages, cabins, RVs, and many more places.

The wood stoves are gaining popularity because with the increase in population space is decreasing. These mini wood stoves are used to warm your homes and also cover a small area. If you love travelling in the cold areas and want to spend few days in a tent to enjoy the natural weather then you can use these small wood stoves in your tent, because they are portable and easy to install. You can even cook your food with the help of these small wood-burning stoves.

We analyzed these wood stoves based on their capacity and performance. Before discussing these features that you should consider while buying a small wood stove. Let’s have a look at our best picks.

Our Top Picks Small Wood Stoves 2022

Name Image Price
TMS Portable Military Camping Wood Stove

  • Spark arrestors are included for safety.
  • Airflow regulators are included.
  • Can be used for drying socks, clothes, and gloves.
Small wood stove AMAZON PRICE
England’s Stove Works Survivor

  • Removable stove legs.
  • Portable and easy to install.
  • Burn time of up to 5 hours.
tiny wood stove AMAZON PRICE
US Stove Caribou Portable Camp Stove

  • Complete stove kit (Pipe, legs, and chimney, etc.).
  • Can be used for cooking food and drying small items.
  • Made of heavy-duty steel.
small wood burning stove AMAZON PRICE
US Stove BSK1000 Barrel Stove Kit

  • It is not a stove but can be used to convert your 36 to 55-gallon steel drum into a small wood camp stove.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Can be moved easily.
stove kit AMAZON PRICE
DANCHEL Outdoor Portable Wood Burning Stove

  • Environment friendly.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Kit included.
fireplace AMAZON PRICE
Castle Serenity Wood Stove with Smart Controller

  • Stylish.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Warm your room according to your schedule by using smart control.
small wood stove AMAZON PRICE

Why do I need a Small Wood Stove?

The first question that comes to your mind is, why I should buy a tiny wood stove? We will try to answer your question that buying a mini wood stove is worth it. Why? Because you need it on many occasions. Let us discuss in detail at what occasions, you may require to use the small wood stoves.

For Heating                                       

In winter, if you want to warm up your bedroom or a small cabin even if the power is out then you can use a small wood stove to get heat. The other major benefit is that you can also use it for cooking food, making tea, and boiling water. A small wood stove can be very helpful and effective during camping because it can warm your tent.


As we mentioned earlier, you can use a wood stove for cooking purposes.


A wood pellet stove is very much useful for dehydrating foods such as vegetables and fruits.

Use as a Dryer

In case, your dryer is not working properly then hang your wet clothes, socks, or other items behind or above the woodstove. Its heat can dry them.

Features of our Top Pick Small Wood Stoves

1. TMS Portable Military Camping Wood Stove

One of the best small wood stoves made of high-quality steel. It is a lightweight wood stove and you can easily transport it through your car. TMS Portable Military Camping Stove is easy and safe to use. It can warm your desired place and you can also cook food, boil water and dry your wet items such as socks. This stove is a great product for hunters, wood-burning stove lovers, and campers because you can easily carry it. It can be installed within minutes.

Key Features

Weight: 24.65 pounds

Color: Black

Dimension: 18*10.25*11

Material: Steel

Fuel type: Wood


  • To maintain heat, airflow regulators are included.
  • A stove bag, stove kettle, and stove tools are also included.
  • Provide a flat heating surface on top of the stove.
  • To ensure safety, spark arrestors are added.
  • Removable dual-side cooking tubes are included.


  • Paint can burn off easily.

Our Rating

The stove gets great reviews from the customers. More than 70% of customers recommend this small wood stove and the stove gets an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5.

2. England’s Stove Works Survivor Small Wood Stoves

This small wood-burning stove is available in different sizes and is made of heavy-duty steel. Besides warming your cabin, bedroom, or any other place, you can also cook food on this mini wood stove. The stove uses Hexa Tech technology and has a burn time of up to 5 hours. It covers a small area and is easily portable. This stove is made in America.

Key Features

Weight: 25.38 pounds

Color: Satin Black

Dimension: 17*25*27

Material: Steel

Fuel type: Wood


  • This stove can heat up very quickly.
  • Maintain a burn time of up to 5 hours in a single burn.
  • Can be transported easily (portable).
  • The stove can cook a complete meal.


  • Stovepipe is not included so you have to buy stove pipe separately.

Our Rating

55% of customers give a 5-star rating to this stove. Some customers also complained about this stove. The stove gets an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5.

3. DANCHEL Outdoor Portable Wood Burning Stove

This wood-burning stove is made of high-quality stainless steel, alloy steel, and aluminium material. The weight of this tiny wood stove is 22 pounds. Due to its lightweight feature, it can be easily transported from one place to another. It cannot only warm up your cabin or bedroom but is also helpful in cooking food.

You can use it during hunting, hiking, or fishing because the stove is portable. This wood stove is environmentally friendly. The door of this small wood stove is made of fire-resistant ceramic glass, so you can easily monitor the inside situation without opening the door. It is easy to clean because the stove has an ashtray and you only have to pull out this tray to clean the stove. It not only warms your cabin or tent but you can also dry your wet items through this stove.

Key Features

Weight: 22 pounds

Color: Silver

Dimension: 15*15*18

Material: Steel

Fuel type: Wood


  • Multi-functional.
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • It has a fire-resistant door.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Complete stove kit included.
  • Multipurpose folding racks.


  • The door is made of glass and can be damaged.

Our Rating

Most of the customers of this stove are from the United States and Japan. Almost 70 percent of customers recommend this wood-burning stove. It gets an overall rating of 4 out of 5.

4. US Stove Caribou Portable Camp Small wood Stoves

This small wood-burning stove is one of the most used stoves by camp lovers and hunters. Due to its lightweight, it can be easily transported. It can be installed easily. Racks are included to dry small items. You can cook food for your group on this wood stove. It is easy and safe to use.

Key Features

Weight: 22 pounds

Color: Black

Dimension: 18*10*17

Material: Heavy-duty steel

Fuel type: Wood


  • You don’t need to buy accessories because a complete stove kit is included.
  • Lightweight (22 pounds).
  • Easy to pack and carry.


  • The stove uses narrow pipes and is very small.

Our Rating

Most of the customers who used this stove seem very happy with the result and they recommend this product. The stove gets an overall rating of 4 out of 5.

5. US Stove BSK1000 Barrel Stove Kit

This is not a stove but is a complete stove kit that helps you to convert your 36 or 55-gallon steel drum into a small wood stove. All the necessary tools are added to this kit. You can easily convert your steel drum into a stove. It is easy to assemble and portable. You just have to arrange a steel drum and then you can make your own stove. The items in this kit are made of heavy-duty cast iron.

Key Features of US Barrel Small Wood Stoves

Weight:  6.99 pounds

Color: Black

Dimension: 4*15*16.5

Material: Multi

Fuel type: Wood


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Portable
  • Lightweight.
  • Best for camping, hunting, and fishing situations.
  • Legs, doors, dumper, and all relevant items are included in this kit.


  • Not suitable for residential use.
  • Installation materials such as floor protectors, flue, and chimney connectors are not included.
  • The barrel is not included.

Our Rating

It is the most purchased and highly rated stove kit. According to customer reviews, you can easily make a stove, if you have this kit. The kit gets an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5.

6. Castle Serenity Wood Stove with Smart Controller

One of the most stylish wood stoves with a new smart controller that allows you to heat your home as per your schedule. The size of the stove is small but it has an attractive design. The stove is easy to install and easy to clean. You can adjust your heating needs with the help of a smart controller according to your lifestyle. It can heat your home according to your terms. The smart controller allows you to manually set the thermostat.

It can heat an area of 1500 square feet and use wood pellets as fuel. This stove is EPA and ETC certified and is safe to use. Though the stove uses a wood pellet as fuel but requires electricity if you want to use a smart controller. It is specially designed for heating your room, cabin, office, etc but is not suitable for camping and hunting.

Key Features

Weight: 186 pounds

Color: Black

Dimension: 24*34*18

Material: Steel

Fuel type: Wood pellets


  • Stylish and attractive.
  • The smart controller helps you to heat your home according to your terms.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Space-saving.
  • Reliable.


  • Expensive.
  • Can be used in residential areas only.
  • Electricity is required to adjust the thermostat.

Our Rating

More than 80 percent of customers like and recommend this stove. It gets an overall rating of 4 out of 5.

Note: A small wood stove fan is also recommended so that it can distribute heat equally.

Features to Consider while Buying Small Wood Stoves

Of course, you want to buy a high-quality and most effective small wood stove. Before buying, you should do proper research. Here are some features that you should keep in mind while making your decision.

Easy to Use

Before purchasing a wood stove, make sure to read the manual buying guide. Your stove should be easy to assemble and use. Approximately, all the modern wood-burning stoves are easy to operate and can be installed within a few minutes.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certified

We know that using wood as fuel is more environment friendly rather than fossil fuels, but you should look at the limit of acceptable emissions. The limit was 4.5 g/h earlier but now the standard limit is 2.5 g/h. Also, check the stove BTUs and the heating power. Check whether the stove you are going to buy is EPA certified or not.


Safety is one of the most important features for anything but specifically for those that make use of fire. Buy a stove that is made of high-quality materials such as steel, stone, and cast iron. A product is considered safe to use if it has a UL- certification. Make sure to close the door of the stove properly so that children cannot open it.

Capacity of Small Wood Stove

Check the specifications of the stove to determine how many BTU it can produce in an hour. Usually, a stove with a bigger firebox produces more heat. You should also check that the stove, you are buying is designed to heat how much square foot.

Where you want to Use Wood Stove

These tiny wood-burning stoves are used in many places such as cabins, RVs, workshops, and tens. Consider the space you want to heat while buying a mini wood stove.

Required Accessories

You should know that what accessories are required for using a wood stove such as spark arrestors, ash cleaners, and stovepipes. Almost all the stoves come with these basic items to assemble, install and use the stove. In case, your stove does not have a complete stove kit then you should buy these accessories.


Portability is another important factor to consider if you want to move the stove for camping trips or hunting. In this case, you need a very lightweight and small-size mini wood stove.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does a small wood-burning stove cost?

Answer: Depending on the size of the stove, it can cost you around $100 to $1000.

  1. What is the smallest wood-burning stove available?

Answer: The smallest available stove is DICKINSON NEWPORT.

  1. Can I put a wood stove in my shed?

Answer: Yes, these stoves are designed to heat your shed, room, and cabin.

  1. Where should a stove be placed in a house?

Answer: It must be placed in an area of the home so that a stovepipe of fewer than 10 feet be needed to connect it to a chimney.

  1. Is heating with wood cheaper?

Answer: Yes, it is cheaper.


Small wood stoves are affordable and easy to use. You can use these wood-burning stoves even during the shortage of electricity. You can heat your room, cook your food and dry your items in cold rainy weather. We believe that this guide will help you in choosing the best wood stove that meets all your requirements.

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