Privacy Policy

The website has two different methods of income generation, affiliate partnerships and advertising funded by cookie storage. We outline how these operate below:
The first way that we earn our living off the internet is through an affiliate partnership with Amazon (we link out to amazon via banners or text links). makes use of affiliate relationships with merchants for monetization through the internet and this can result in commission credits that are credited to SmallWoods Stove’s website when you click on various links leading up purchases, including those by Amazon Services LLC Associates Program
-which is an affiliate program run by them!

Cookies and Log Files

We at care about your privacy and would never ask for any private information like e-mail or log file access, should you leave a comment on this page! We use cookies to make sure that the website functions properly but do not share anything with anyone.
There is one exception though—we collect aggregated data from servers using HTTPs which does NOT contain personally identifiable information (PII). These _only include logs such as date/time Hits were made etc

Smallwood Stove’s website uses “convenience” cookies to make it easier for you to leave comments on our site. These are normal files stored on your computer when browsing the web, and they help us save time by not having you re-enter this information everytime! Third party advertisers may also place their own unique cookie onto an individual browser – but we have no control over them so please exercise caution if there is any concern about privacy issues connected with those types of ad exchanges or trackers in general.

Amazon uses cookies to make sure that if you click an ad or link on their site, they will get paid. You can find out more about this here in Amazon’s privacy policy!

Google Analytics is just as helpful for understanding how people are engaging with our website–and it doesn’t treat every visitor alike; we’re able to see which parts of the site lend themselves most easily towards conversions without having any personal information attached thereto (such as names). There’s no need anymore than ever before because there’s now browser extensions available like “Google analytics Opt-out”