Acacia Wood Furniture

Acacia wood has always been a top choice for furniture because of the beautiful natural texture it has that cannot be duplicated by any other timber. Even more so when finished. Generally very light in tone, it exhibits an exquisite and unique natural grain pattern that really looks gorgeous regardless of whichever style or finish it’s had. Natural Acacia appears to shift and change with the seasons. You will find it more available during autumn and winter and less during spring and summer. As its name implies, its flowers are done in the form of flowers clusters and not in the sense of leaf buds.

Where does Acacia Trees Found?

Acacia trees are indigenous to Central America but are now grown all over Central and South America. The climate in these regions is generally mild to moderate and the trees can be expected to live for more than a century. Because of the trees extraordinary resistance to insects, diseases, weather changes, and the drought, they are mainly used as tropical hardwood for construction purposes. They are also used to make floors, and planks, furniture, flooring, etc. It is interesting to note that the two main varieties of acacia wood, the Omey and the Quepos, were originally brought from Mexico and Peru, respectively.

Features of Acacia Wood Furniture

The most desirable quality in acacia wood is that it’s highly durable and offers a high resistance to both rot and insects. It can withstand extreme temperatures (hot and cold) and long periods of exposure to moisture, termites, heavy downpours of rain and extreme sunlight. In addition to being highly durable, it’s also a naturally silky soft wood that resists rotting easily. It’s easy to maintain and with proper care, can last for decades and even centuries!

There are several uses for acacia wood. The main uses are for flooring and furniture because of its strength, moisture resistance, and innate beauty. The wood is known to be the hardest, strongest, and most beautiful wood available in the world. It has been used for literally hundreds of years by the indigenous tribes of the Pacific Islands to make bowls, tools, totem poles, and other forms of woodcrafts. Now it has taken on a new role as a timber material for flooring and furniture.

Naturally Renewable

Another great thing about acacia is the fact that it’s naturally renewable, which means that there are no long-term concerns with over-supply or deplete. This gives it an added edge over hardwood furniture manufacturers that have to resort to using sustainable resources and processes to bring their products to market. As well as this, there are no chemicals or harmful solvents used in the process of growing or processing acai berries, which makes it extremely environmentally-friendly. The fruits, trees, and seeds of the cacao tree are eaten by the locals of the Pacific Islands, who then eats the fruits and nuts which have been turned into powder and mixed with water to make soap, food additives, and cosmetics.


You can find several different varieties of acacia hardwood and softwood. Most people opt for the hardwood varieties because of the inherent beauty of the wood, which comes in a variety of colors and shades, however some people also like to use the softer varieties of acacia to create rustic, native-style home furniture. Some of the popular hardwood varieties include Hawaiian koa, Brazilian cherry, and broad bean, black, silver, white, and yellow teak. Acacias grow best in tropical rainforests and forests. There are also rarer varieties of acacias but these tend to be more expensive and difficult to find.


When it comes to picking out furniture, you want to go for durability and strength. So it is highly recommended that you buy furniture from a company that stocks both durable acacia wood. Look for a company that will allow you to get a demo before you purchase the full amount of stock. You can also buy unfinished oak furniture and have it delivered pre-finished so that you do not have to do any painting or staining.

The company that you choose to buy from should be able to ship your acacia wood furniture anywhere in the country. This is especially important if you live in a place that has a very humid climate. Most companies will not guarantee that your furniture will last through prolonged exposure to moisture so it is important that you know the lifespan of the material you choose. If you are planning on using an unfinished wood then it is important that you check its water-resistant properties carefully so that you can be assured that your furniture is going to be able to withstand the constant water that it will experience.

You can ask for a sample of the wood’s water-resistant properties to be brought with the furniture you plan on buying so that you can be absolutely sure that the material you are going to buy will be able to cope with the humidity of your area. If you are unsure about this then it may be best to opt for a different type of furniture to avoid having to invest a large amount of money into something that will only last for a few months.


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